With the sudden end to the Roadtrek brand under Erwin Hymer, we thought for sure our CS Adventurous would never sell. We had the Roadtrek listed for sale for nearly a year on various sites. Sure we received several low ball offers and some tire kickers, but with a van selling for this price we knew it was going to be a challenge to find the right private party buyer. Trading it in and taking a huge loss just wasn’t an option. 

To our surprise, about a month after the Roadtrek shakeup we received the offer that we was waiting for. Even after we learned that there was no longer a manufacturer warranty on the RV the buyer wanted to move forward with the purchase. Luckily for the new owner we had worked for years to get everything working 100 percent, and we felt confident that the new owner would have no issues, at least in the short term. 

For a vehicle we had literally invested years of our lives to get everything right, why would we give up just as everything seemed to be working properly? The simple answer – we had lost confidence in the brand and the technology that kept failing us. We weren’t sure when the next part would failed, and when it did we just weren’t confident that we’d be able to get parts since the new company may not manufacture this model in the future. 

It was still a bittersweet moment the day we handed over the keys. This was the new owners first RV, so we spent almost an entire day walking him through all of the systems. While it was a sad day for us, I saw that spark of excitement in the new owners eyes, and it brought back happy memories when we were first handed the key to our new home on wheels. We still get a call from time to time with a question about how to operate or fix something, but I’m happy to share our knowledge. It was only a few years ago that we jumped into this blindly and it’s actually exciting to see someone else with the same enthusiasm that we had. 

Since the sale of the Roadtrek came as a surprise, we really didn’t have a game plan as to what to purchase as a replacement. Based on our many trips to the RV shows we had narrowed it down to two brands – Pleasure Way or Leisure Travel Vans. We have only ever owned a Class B sized RV, and were heavily considering something just slightly larger. 

After much debate we narrowed it down to the Pleasure Way XLTS or the Leisure Travel Vans Unity Twin Bed. We were holding out on making a final decision because Leisure was about to announce a new floor plan for their Unity line. In March of 2019 they held a live reveal of the Unity Rear Lounge (RL) and it was love at first sight. It was basically the Unity Twin Bed Model with a murphy bed along the back wall. The be provides a comfortable bed close to a queen size, and when in the upright position is creates a spacious l-shaped lounge. I say spacious but it is still a small RV, but for 2 people it was just what we wanted. 

For us it was the perfect compromise. The sleeping quarters in our Roadtrek was always a waste of space during the day. The bed was always uncomfortable to sleep in because of the separate cushion pieces, so once we added the foam topper it became a full time bed. The murphy bed solution in the Unity RL would give us two separate daytime living areas, and since the bed was one mattress and not several sections, our hope was the bed would be comfortable, and easy to “put away” during the day.  

Once we knew what we wanted we jumped on making the purchase quickly. Since this is a new layout for Leisure Travel Vans we knew that they weren’t scheduled to begin production until September of 2019, with the earliest delivery date of mid November. This was going to be a long wait and there’s nothing we can really do about it. Like the many lost trips because of the many problems with our Roadtrek, it felt like one final slap in the face. We were about to lose our entire 2019 travel season, but we knew we had to rid ourselves of the cursed Roadtrek!