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Part Twenty Five – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I understand and accept the fact that things will go wrong with any RV – I know I’ve probably written this in previous posts. I just can’t comprehend why it’s happening so often, and multiple times to the same parts. I’m sure you can understand my shock and frustration that my Alde system was leaking […]

Part Twenty Two – ← It’s Their Fault →

It’s been quite some time since we’ve posted an update to our toilet troubles, and I’m sorry to report that not much has happened since our last chapter. Freezing temperatures finally arrived and we were forced to winterize without getting the toilet repaired. We actually held out from winterizing a bit longer than we should […]

Part Twenty One – You Touch It, You Buy It

It’s been over a month since our last Chapter, and not much has changed with our toilet problem. My frustration continues to build once again because we’re now stuck in the middle of a warranty claim dispute between our service center and Roadtrek. I had contacted Roadtrek directly after the replacement toilet didn’t solve the […]

Part Twenty – (Un)Happy Van-iversary!

Even though we posted our first blog entry here in January 2016, as you read the story you’ll see that this journey started when we purchased our CS Adventurous on October 13th, 2015. That means that we have arrived at our two year anniversary together, and while I would love to write that we’re living […]

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