Well, This Hasn't Gone Well

Potential Roadtrek Purchasers Beware

I am publishing this blog to share my experience with Roadtrek when purchasing a new CS Adventurous. Read my story before you decide a Roadtrek is right for you.

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  1. Bob Harmon

    I am considering the Roadtrek CS-XL Adventurous. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and am certainly fortunate that I found it before actually purchasing this unit. I may still consider a Roadtrek but not with the Alde and Volt-Start systems.
    Thanks for the most informative articles I have found on the CS.

  2. Joan Good

    Ordered a Zion RT with volt start, solar panel and lithium ion batteries and the new glossy cabinets. Dealer is local and very nice, so I am lucky, but it is scary spending so much money, especially in light of poor workmanship. I did
    have an escape clause added to my contract so………..At my age I really want nothing to be wrong. Thank you for your good information. It is much appreciated. Have been waiting five months!

  3. Eddie

    Thx much for your comprehensive review. I wish I had read your blog before purchasing the Roadtrek SS a few years ago. I experienced a multiple design flaws and quality issues and vowed never to buy another Roadtrek again. However, I firmly believe in German engineering and am currently being attracted to Hymer Aktive and want to give it a try. My question is, do you think Roadtrek took over the designing/manufacturing the Aktive or, hopefully, vice versa?

    • CBW

      While I can’t say with certainty how things are being handled now, when we visited the Roadtrek factory in late 2016, they were assembling Hymers in the same line as the Roadtrek models. I have no knowledge of how operations are handled now, but I do know Hymer assembly is now in a separate plant. I would recommend seeking out Hymer owners – possibly a Facebook group of them? – to get an idea of their experiences. Personally, barring a high number of verifiable owner opinions praising the build quality of the Hymer versus the Roadtrek, I would say ‘fool me once…’

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