I patiently waited for word from the dealer on the repair. Patient I had to be because I didn’t hear anything. I called the dealer and spoke to the service department the week of November 9th, 2015 to inquire about my RV. I was told that Roadtrek had authorized the request for the equalizer on October 28th and it would take some time to manufacture it because they’re custom made for the vehicle. That would be 8 days to authorize a part to repair a brand new vehicle that was clearly not working properly, in case you’re keeping score. At that point there was no ETA – I simply had to wait.

I would point out here that we had record high temperatures this fall here in the Northeast, none of which I could enjoy in my brand new RV. I’m sure the leaves changed colors magnificently, but I didn’t see them.

Another irritating factor was that my mother had a scheduled heart surgery November 2nd in Philadelphia. I had intended to boondock in my new RV during the surgery because I live an hour from the hospital, wanted to of course be there for her, and stay in the van because, well, I could. Or at least that was the plan. But they say ‘Man plans and God laughs’ or something along those lines, and he was clearly chuckling at me at this point. Thankfully the heart surgery went well, which is really the most important thing. But I continued waiting for news on the van, getting irritated that I had paid for a new RV and been unable to use it for a month at this point.

During this wait, Roadtrek introduced a $5,000 incentive for purchases made in November (which was later extended to purchases made in December). I contacted Roadtrek directly, and because it had been a month since purchase and the vehicle was still unusable, I requested that they honor the $5,000 incentive. What did it matter that I had purchased it in October if it had been sitting on the lot at the dealership since October anyway? The Regional Sales Manager at Roadtrek said no, they can’t honor it, and they would continue with the repairs. Maybe that letter to Roadtrek at least got the repairs moving a bit faster, because on November 12th I received a call from the dealer to say the RV was ready for pickup, and on November 13th, I drove up to get it.